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Urban Homestead Garden Tour

Welcome to the inaugural video garden tour of our urban homestead!

Friends and family both far and near have asked me for a while to post a video tour of the garden. Here it is at last!

On the video, I share how we transformed a 1/3-acre urban lot with compacted soil and grass into a diverse edible landscape of vegetables, fruit, berries, medicinals and dye plants over the last 2 years.

So make yourself a glass of iced tea (or something) and imagine you are coming on a stroll along with me.


Our garden is designed using the design principles of permaculture. I will probably do a full post about the design process some day [edit March 2021: here it is]; in the meantime, below is the design drawing/map that might also help you to orient yourself as you go along (the greenhouse, which you see on the video, is not in the drawing since it was a later addition).

And if you’re curious about how we built good garden soil in our first two years, check out these posts on sheet-mulching and no-till gardening.

urban permaculture homestead design

Here are some of the features of our homestead, two and a half years in:

  • about 1,000 sq. ft. fenced annual vegetable garden
  • an 8×6 ft mini-greenhouse
  • a small dye garden for plant-based dyes
  • three young “food forest” areas with fruit tree guilds, shrubs, and edible and beneficial understory plants
  • chicken area and systems for rotating chickens through the gardens
  • culinary and medicinal herbs
  • blackberry and raspberry trellises

Questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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